Barefoot Strong is a new class focused on improving balance and deep core strength. Open to all from both ends of the athletic spectrum, this class will particularly help athletes and those that struggle with balance or neuromuscular conditions (such as people who have had a stroke or MS).

In these classes you will build on the connections between your diaphragm, pelvic floor and toes focused on building stability, core strength and balance – and don’t worry there are no sit ups or traditional gym type exercises in this class!

The class is run by Chris, an experienced PT & certified trainer of ‘Barefoot Strong Workout’ with the first session being free (as is every 6th session after that). There is no need to book, check the diary & just turn up, we have plenty of room in the large hall, bring along a gym/yoga mat if possible.

Alternatively, please contact Chris Walsh 07939 655010